Grand Ma's Old Anglo-Indian Cookery Book
Book by Dorothy Pearson
Grand Ma's Old Anglo-Indian Cookery Book

ISBN 978-0-9561049-0-8 | Paperback - 113 pages
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SOME OF THE DISHES from:  Grand Ma's Old Anglo-Indian Cookery Book

Grand Ma’s Old Anglo-Indian Cookery Book
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Dorothy Pearson
Dorothy Pearson
Grand Ma’s Old Anglo-Indian Cookery Book:
This is the first book of My own family recipes. Anglo-Indian cuisine has dishes that are different from those of either India or Britain. This book with its recipes takes you back to the days of the Raj when families craved a taste of “home cooking”. Recipes contained in this book are easy and practical to prepare like Pepperwater,
Dry fry beef, Country Captain, Tomato Rice
and many more.

This is a fascinating peek into one woman’s culinary heritage and well worth the price.
Grand Ma’s Old Anglo-Indian Cookery BookSome of these recipes are old and traditional Anglo-Indian food cooked on stoves that were built with stones and mud, heated by wood and coal. I have been experimenting with them time and time again, and spent many hours converting them to suit modern cookery terms and kitchens.
Many of these recipes have been handed down through generations of my family.
Special Anglo-Indian dishes cooked at weekends in India and in the U.K. include
Khicheree and Jhal Frezi, Kofta Ball Curry with Yellow Rice or Tomato Rice, Country Captain, Lamb Madras Curry, and Jeera Rice, Pork Vindaloo and Parathas.
Soups such as Chicken Mullgatwany, Mutton Bone, Pepperwater and Vegetables. 
Curries:  Kofta-Ball Curry, Dry Fry Beef, Country Captain, Chicken Curry,
Lamb Madras Curry, Jhal Frezi, Beef Gram Dhal, Masala Lamb, Lamb Rogan Ghosh,
Lamb Do Piaza, Lamb Curry, Pork Vindaloo, Pork Curry, Prawn Curry, Fish Curry, Glassi, Mince and Peas Curry, and Chicken Stew.
Side dishes: Devilled Lambs Liver, Brown Mince, Potato Chops, Prawn Masala Fry, Fried Fish, Fried King Prawns and Pepper Fry.
Rice: Khicheree, Green Masala, Jeera, Tomato, Yellow, Chicken Biriyani, Sweet Pilau, Chicken Pilau, Jungli Pilau, Mutton Pilau.
Chutnies: Kasundi, Tasty Tamarind Chutney, Devils Flame, Tomato Bhartha, Coconut Chutney, Kismur, Raitha, Breads, Sweets and Desserts.
Christmas Fayre:  Masala Tongue, Salt Beef, Cinnamon "Crumb" Chops, Roast Turkey, Mince Patties, Kul Kuls, and Christmas Cake.

Vegetable dishes: Dhal, Bughias and Starters.


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