Dorothy PearsonDorothy was then the youngest of three children born to Major Carlisle Anthony Jones (British-Indian Army) and his wife Gemma (nee McGowan) in Allahabad, India. The family were allocated an army bungalow with cook! The Major employed a mali (gardener) and an ayah (maid) to run the household and to look after the various Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends who often visited the home.

Major Jones was actively involved in the Anglo-Indian community, helping family, friends and neighbours with their problems.

She attended GHS the local girls school, learnt the piano and guitar, she learned to crochet and sew from her Nana Alice, cooking and preparing from cook with whom she spent many and hour, learning the varied spices their tastes and uses, picked up how to select/clean fruit and vegetables. Among her other hobbies, were crooning for the local band (Carlos Rodrigues) at the Thornhill Club, which was the focal point for the Anglo-Indian community at the weekends!

The Jones family migrated to England in 1961 and settled down in Kingsheath, Birmingham. Dorothy began work as a sample machinist for the local clothes factory (wages 2shs-6p a week!), and for the first time tried her hand at cooking. She has children; but now the apples of her eyes are her lovely granddaughters, Yva and Anais. 

Tradgedy struck when her husband Neil (a keen hockey player) died on the playing field from a massive heart attack in April 1991. He was 49. Distraught and grieving the young widow on advice from her elder brother Robert, travelled to Goa, India to recuperate and plan her future, but destiny played a card and Dorothy fell in love with Goa. In 1992 Dorothy bought an apartment in Goa, and began spending time there, returning to England for the spring, summer and autumn then back to Goa for the winter. 

Dorothy spends her time still making gowns, suits and clothes for her clientele. Her other hobbies now include cooking, angling, travel and gardening. 

Dorothy hopes you enjoy these recipes as much as she enjoyed putting them together for your eating pleasure.


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